Discover The Essence of Cannabis Medicine Program

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This series of workshops is an informational wealth of knowledge!
Divided into three parts including the background of the plant from it's beginning's to the modern day perception of it. Learn about 'The War On Drugs' and the lies and propaganda involved in pure discrimination against this plant. Learn about DuPont and Big Pharma and the role they played in it all as well as what the US Government themselves know but don't tell.
Participants will also learn the many uses of the Cannabis/Hemp plant including specific applications and various extraction methods. Scientific research based studies have proven the benefits for many conditions which will also be included. Learn uses for children and pets.
The second in the series focus on The Endocannabanoid System, what it is and how important it is to the proper functioning of multiple systems in the body. Participants will come to understand what phytocannabanoids are, and how they affect the body. Included is information about CBDA and THC's specific abilities. Dosing recommendations will be investigated as well. The Entourage Effect will be explored.
The third and last in the series will describe the benefits of having a product tested or using only products that are tested to ensure quality when choosing a medicine. What the proper questions are to ask when choosing an oil. What are possible growing options available to patients? Safety concerns and guidelines will be considered. The effects of and a comparison to pharmaceutical medication versus plant medicine will be explained. Finally, a list of resources will be included so that one can further explore on their own.
After this Program, you will be a Cannabis Expert!
Course begins April 23, 2023
This is a 6 week Course
Course is instructed in 6 Modules
Class meets virtually for 60 min. every Sunday at 6:30pm for 6 weeks
Minimal homework
2 Discussion Posts a week on Module