Herbal Remedies for Children

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Have you been looking for better options for your child’s health? Tired of the side effects from the medicines that your doctor prescribes you?

If your child keeps getting sick or it seems like their immune function isn’t performing optimally, herbal remedies might be the perfect option especially when all else fails.

There’s so many contributing factors as to why your child might not feel good. Is it from food allergies that you aren't even aware of, is it some kind of electromagnetic imbalance that could easily be corrected with a little thought and focus.

Or could it be some kind of nutritional deficiency? Nutritional deficiencies create all kinds of biochemical reactions within your child’s system as well as emotional disturbances.

Explore your child's immune system in this 3 week course understanding what strengthens it and what inhibits it's function. Beginning to understand which herbs are for which body systems is valuable knowledge when your child isn't feeling well and the Tylenol isn't helping. Tylenol actually makes your child's body work harder trying to process the foreign compounds in their liver taking their energy away from healing.

Knowing what other options are available to you can be the difference between supreme health and constant trips to the doctor's office.

Knowledge is power, take your families health into your own hands, noone cares more than you!

Class begins April 23, 2023

This is a 3 week Course

Course is instructed in 3 Modules
Class meets virtually for 60 min. every Sunday at 5:00pm for 3 weeks
Minimal homework
2 Discussion Posts a week on Module