Organic Keloid Care

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This product was formulated as a remedy for keloids that developed on top of a new tattoo. I was told to use steroids or hydrocortisone creme to get rid of them. But utilizing only Plant Medicine on my body, I researched it and found essential oils with the same actions as steroids and headed to my lab to formulate a blend with CBD oil, ofcourse! 

100 days later, there was only one left out of 7 and it had significantly decreased in size. 

As a result, we are proud to launch this new Keloid Treatment that will decrease and diminish the appearance of keloids. 

I did not begin application of this Treatment until the keloids were 3 months old as it took me time to figure out what they were and then formulate a remedy. I am happy to see that once again, Plant Medicine has saved the day!

Contains 200mg of CBD Oil.

Included are pictures of the progression and before and after.