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Nature's Mysteries Apothecary

Potion Makers Unite~

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Do you love making potion? Is gathering the ingredients part of the magic? Connecting with Nature as you conjure up your next concoction...
Were you one of the kids who loved going into the forest or finding whatever Nature you could around you, collecting leaves, twigs, little pebbles and blending them into potions? Do you love pretty bottles?
If this speaks to you, join Michele Wildflower of the Women's Empowerment & Spiritual Awakening Retreats in this virtual event as she talks about some of her favorite mineral, plant & mushroom allies and ways to connect with them in your potions.
This is forum style, so all Potion Makers are encouraged to reveal some of their favorite potions and results, or deep connections they've had when working with allies, any secrets that they've discovered, anything you feel like sharing with like minds who are interested!
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Open the door to your spirituality~