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Wildflower ImmunoTherapy Essiac CBD Tea Blend

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This is a Power Packed Wildflower ImmunoTherapy Essiac CBD Tea Blend! I have no doubt Renee would’ve added Hemp/Cannabis into her Lifesaving tea blend if she was allowed. We will take her tea to another level! Quickly, if you don’t know anything about Renee Caisse, she was forbidden from using her tea on anyone who was not deemed ‘terminal’ by the medical establishment. Meaning, she could only administer her tea to those that Dr.s told, ‘There’s nothing more that we can do.’ They had to go to Canada to get her treatment and many of her ‘terminally ill’ patients outlived her! Many Dr.s know about it and refer to it as the 4 Herb Tea. It helps with many more issues than just cancer, such as diabetes, thyroid problems, etc. You can read all about her extraordinary story by following this link -…/interview-with-dr-….
The Hemp that will be used in our Tea was homegrown organically in Vermont, by my husband, lovingly tended as Medicine should be.