Women's Empowerment & Spiritual Awakening Retreat

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Spring Dates~ May 11-14, 2023! After how wonderfully relaxed our guests were when their departure time arrived, we are grateful that there is another one planned to bring that relief to another round of beautiful sisters. The Retreat unites women from all cultures, all walks of life, all ages, to share a weekend of healing, empowerment and awakening. Treat yourself for Mother's Day, this is the ultimate self care for Mom!

Prepare for a personal transformation~ Facilitating unique opportunities to encourage & stimulate spiritual growth within a safe, relaxed space. You can expect to enjoy meditation, sacred circles,  optional Tarot reading, optional Reiki Session, Sound Baths, a wide array of esoteric/metaphysical lending library, fresh organic, vegetarian meals, quiet walks, serene sunsets, lake & mountain views, moonlit water, loon calls, etc.

Workshops~ Spirituality, Women's Issues, Cooking/Nutrition, Herbalism, Meditation, Medicinal Mushrooms, Chakra Cleansing, Connecting With Nature Spirits, Healing Touch Therapy, Empowerment, Self Care, Massage, Healing with Crystals.

If you are looking for your people, or your tribe, wishing there was likeminded women to share moments in time with, someone who believed in Spirituality, Astrology, Tarot Cards, understood the way crystals effect our energy, how to remove stagnant energy, Mindfulness techniques and tools to cleanse your Chakras and so much more; then this Retreat is for you.
Awaken your Self in a safe space and let your light shine ✨
You never know what kind of magick will commence when a group of women gather...

Our mission is to facilitate a safe, comfortable, relaxing environment for women from all backgrounds to open up & explore their spirituality. Through spiritual exercises, creating sacred spaces, sharing meals & stories, an awakening is triggered from deep within that can only be provoked by the magick that commences when a group of women are brought together.

Retreat Schedule-
Attendees arrive the night before the Workshops begin, Thursday night includes an Opening Circle with introductions and then we’ll all share a meal together. All meals will be organic and vegetarian and are included in the price of the Retreat.
All activities/workshops held are also included in the price of the Retreat and are completely optional.
The cottages are set in a very private, secluded area on a dead end road overlooking the lake. Accomodations includes 4 cottages, guests stay in 2 cottages, Facilitators in another and then the last one is the Common Area where Workshops and mediation are held.
The idea of the Retreat is to relax & take the time for yourself to rejuvenate & grow as necessary, while expanding your awareness. For some, this means quiet reflection. For others, it means learning new perspectives & techniques for everyday living. Maybe for you , it’s a little bit of both, with some balance in between.
Worshops~to be announced...here's a few of our previous ones...
Learn the ancient art of making plant medicine the way our ancestors used to with minimal ingredients and maximum results!
Healing Touch Therapy~
Faciliatated by Karen McCloud, she uses her hands to help restore balance and harmony through working with the human energy field, commonly called the “life force.” She will clear, balance and energize a person’s energy field by placing them in a position to initiate or accelerate the self-healing process.
This modality is done with heart-centered intention and skill. Karen re-establishes the natural flow of body energy. She does not force or push energy, but allows balance and harmony to “reboot” the energy system for optimum health and wellness.
Visit Karen's website at www.silvercloudwellbeing.com.
Spirit Guided Portraits by Evidential Medium, Terri Bowden, will also be an option at the Retreat! Spirit Portraiture and Evidetial Mediumship is a unique way to communicate with your friends and family who reside ont he other side by drawing their portrait whilst having a conversaion with them. Check out her website at www.spiritguidedportraits.com
Cooking Classes are completely optional-
If you’d like to learn the art of vegetarian cuisine, please join us!
Otherwise, sit back and watch the waves on the beach and we’ll let you know when dinners ready
Lodging for 3 nights in a quaint cottage that sleeps 5 women is also included in the price of the Retreat.
There will be optional Readings available which are not included in the price of the Retreat. Call for pricing and to book your service.

The Retreat will be held in Newport, Vermont. The cottages have beach access on Lake Memphramagog, bring your canoe, kayak, fishing poles, etc. Spaces are limited, reserve your space today!

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Reserve your space today, spaces limited! The price for the Retreat is $555 includes most workshops, lodging for 3 nights and meals.