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**New Labels** NEW 500mg STRENGTH Available! We use only the highest quality organic CBD oil available in the market. Our CBD oil contains high amounts of CBD (Cannabidiol) extracted using CO2 from the air we breathe. It also contains CBDA which is another cannabinoid that has it's own set of beneficial properties that is actually 1000x more absorbable by the body than CBD.


We recommend microdosing, start off with a couple of drops in the morning and evening under your tongue. If after 3 days you feel like you are not achieving the desired results, then you can up it by adding 2 more drops in the morning and evening, one or the other, vice versa. But you cannot OD, it is Non Toxic and because our bodies produce cannabinoids that are used up by stress, if you are going through an extremely stressful time, you might need more drops than other days. If you got up to 20 drops in a day, there would be nothing wrong with that. And then when things calm back down, you can easily go back to your original dose.


Choose your potency based on the severity of the condition that you are trying to treat. On a scale of 1-10, if it's lower than a 3, you can go with a lower strength, if it gets intense at times then you will probably want to go with the mid strength and if it get extreme, then the best choice will be the extra strengths.

People always say, 'Two drops or dropperfuls, because this other CBD company told me to take 2 dropperfuls a day.' To which I always say, 'I could tell you that, too, there would be alot of job security in that for me, but if you can get to the same place with 2 drops a day and save your money to go on vacation, wouldn't that be better?'

Some folks achieve great results with the four drops a day, others report taking 5 drops 3 x a day, one patient told me her 'sweet spot' was 10 drops in the moring and 10 at night. It is very individual based on your Endocannabinoid System and what level of deficiency you are functioning at.

Noone can know that except you, and that is the beauty of it. You listen to yourself for how much you should take, if throughout the day you feel like, 'I need more CBD,' take it! It's good for you, not like a Tylenol or worse where you need to limit your consumption and time it out. Every you time you take CBD, it is good for you, you do not need to worry about detrimental side effects. It is a safe medicine, unlike any you've every tried before.

**Our Oral Drops are Raw, meaning that they haven't been heated. Because of this special extraction process, our oil contains CBDA which is another cannabinoid that is 1000x more absorbable by the body than CBD. Because of this our Drops are best kept in the fridge.**


We have CB1 and CB2 receptors all throughout our body that regulate just about every physiological function that we have. Responsible for maintaining cellular homestasis, which is balance on all levels such as temperature, glucose, appetite, hormones, etc. It is like software to our bodies. Being the only substance on the planet that we have these receptors for. It triggers healing on many levels. Listen to what these folks have to say about it...

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