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Nature's Mysteries Apothecary



What's the Buzz? Here's what people are saying about our products.....
We've only added a very small percent of what we have really received over the years.
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'I wanted to write another review for Natures Mysteries Apothecary but it would not let me since I already left one. I had such amazing relief from my back pain ( see my last review on Natures Mysteries Apothecary) that I decided to try some of thier other products...I recently retired with stomache and digestive pain that I had for over a year and was afraid to go to the doctor. Now, I have the time so I started the traditional process with my PCP.
I am 57 years old, about 175 lb and we eat very, very healthy. My Dr. thinks its diet. My HDL and LDL are really good and I have no other symptoms and take NO MEDICATION. But I have had discomfort, bloat, severe burping and gas.
After my incredible experience with the back salve I figured I have nothing to lose. All natural plant based relief from Natures Mysteries Apothecary. I picked up my bottle on friday 12/10 and followed Michele's instructions.
We are 3 days into my treatment and my stomache pain is GONE! No more bloat, burping, discomfort..Nothing. I feel like myself from years ago. I still cannot believe the relief I have felt. I thought I was gonna die the pain was so significant. I truly believe there is merit to the claims made for holistic healing with this company.
I have done some research and checked other distributors up here.....ya, don't waste your time. There is a method to the way Natures Mysteries Apothecary produces their products to ensure full strength and the desired result you are looking for. This is all natural...
What else can I say?? It works!!! At least for me!! If you are in pain or just not feeling right,I really encourage you to reach out to Michele Wildflower @ Natures Mysteries Apothecary and I assure you it will be your best call yet. Don't suffer and say "its ok, I am old". That's horse crap. No reason to not feel as best as you can. Google Michele's credentials. This is no joke. She has spent her life helping people feel better and take back control of the life that we all used to have. I am blessed to have made this connection!! Right in my hometown of Westmore Vt. So, what are you waiting for? I am living proof. Need more?? PM me or reach out to Nature's Mysteries Apothecary. Tell them I sent ya!!!'
Jeff Leland -VT Dec. 2021
'So, I have always been skeptical of the benefits from CBD. Relief from a plant? Really? Well let me tell you a true story. I have had lower back pain for the past 3 years. I tried every OTC drug with no relief so I just lived with it thinking it was age and abuse from working with guys half my age.


I happen to try Nature's Mysteries Apothecary CBD salve as a last resort. Within 2 days of use (application twice a day) my back pain disappeared. I mean COMPLETELY!! Not a partial relief, but full blown Normalacy! I am still trying comprehend how this little plant could bring such relief!! We are days into this recovery and I am truely amazed. Not only am I a believer but the time Michelle took to educate me and guide me makes me a customer for life. This is not a fly by night operation, check Michele's extensive credentials - She knows her stuff!!!!! All I can say is I am a true testimony.


If you are experiencing any pain I would HIGHLY recommend you reach out to Michelle!! My life has changed for the better as a result of. Thank You, Thank You, THANK YOU MICHELLE!!!'
Jeff Leland -VT Dec. 2021

'Really helping me so much with sleep and anxiety, I appreciate it so much, I've tried others and they don't work, but this is different...and I really appreciate what you do, thanks so much, I'll be back.'
ML -CT Oct. 2021

'My dad got his Covid shot and didn't have any reaction, your Drops helped so much! He has so much going on, Lyme's disease, dental work and now the vaccine with no sickness...'
CC  -MA Feb. 2021

‘The salve you sent was awesome, my mother’s keeping that one and we need one for us!’
CD -NY June 2020

‘Your salves, they’re wonderful, so thank you!’
SH -CT June 2020

‘My Cardiologist’s nurse referred me to this product. I figure if she says it’s good, I should try it, right?’
JK -MA June 2020

‘I am hooked on your oil! I had the joy of experiencing it at an event and I’ve been in love ever since. I take a few drops before I go to bed and it helps me sleep better it helps my shoulder pain, my back…even though I am on the other side of the country, you know I’m in Washington and there’s alot of companies selling it here, but I want yours!’
LC -WA June 2020

‘We’ve been giving our dog your Drops and he’s like a brand new dog, seriously! The vet gave us medicine that didn’t do the trick.  I’m gonna send him a video with my dog and tell him maybe he wants to think about this! It’s been a miracle. Added 8 years to his life. His name is Scooter, we thought this was gonna be our last year with him. He couldn’t get up a 4 inch step, now he’s hopping on the couch. He’s like a brand new dog!’
AB -MA May 2020

‘We are very happy with the salve. My husband has gotten a lot of relief from it, so thank you very much.’
JC -CT May 2020

‘The Roll on, 100mg, works good, everywhere I have pain I put it on, it works really good!
MG -CT April 2020

‘The Anti aging serum is amazing!’
AC -VT April 2020

‘After only 2 days it’s working really well, I’m going to order more.’
RJ -CA March 2020

‘I got my goods safely in the mail!! So fast! Thank you so much for all you are doing to educate and change people’s lives.
Really, and truly, you will never fully understand the incredible sense of empowerment and the relief your products have given me. I never thought I’d actually feel “better.” I thought I’d have to keep adapting.’
AK -SC 2019

“We have spent hundreds of dollars on CBD, and were not happy, we tried yours at a show you were at and now I’m a believer. We love yours!” 
Karen~ NY October 2019

“I have pain in my shoulder my rotator cup, tendinitis in my elbow, and I’m supposed to get surgery. Sometimes I feel like I’m falling apart. But I haven’t taken aspirin like I used to since I got your product. Anything that works and it comes from nature so I love it!” 
VG~MA October 2019

”I love your drops. They are like magic for anxiety.”
Sandy Crow,Barrett VT October 2019

‘Hi Michele! I am a big fan of your CBD tincture and massage salve that I regularly pickup from the Waitsfield Farmers Market. My surgeon is shocked at how quickly the swelling has subsided in my feet following surgery. I tell him it’s the salve.
PS. My dog will only take your oil. She will not lick any other brand. No joke!
My entire foot was black and blue and overnight it turned yellow. By the next day it was pretty much normal. Still swollen as it will take months but really, your salve is like GOLD!’
HA -CT 2019

‘I've been using the tincture drops since July 20. very effective at reducing the muscle spasm in thigh caused by pinched nerve at L4-L5. Girlfriend tried the cream on her foot, five minutes later said I'll take the largest tin you have of this!!!!!’
Jim Haddad ~July 2019

One of my coworkers at my internship had a headache he described as "feeling like he had been hit by a brick." I always carry one of the roll on gem essences with me. I offered to let him use some of it. We both went about what we were doing. Next time I talked to him, he thanked me and said he felt much better! I'm always trying to spread the word about these amazing products!!’
Michelle Riley ~MO September 2019

‘One of mom’s fav Nature's Mysteries Apothecary products. She’s really protective of it and wants to know where it is at all times.'
Nicole Bryan ~MO January 2019