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Pain Relief Spray

$45.00 - $75.00
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Because our bodies have an endocannabanoid system with CBD receptors, topical application of CBD oil is instantly absorbed and goes right to the source. Our skin absorbs 60% of what we apply to it. Bypassing the digestive tract, the topical application of cannabinoids allows them to be absorbed directly into the affected area for faster and more focused relief. Specially formulated for arthritis, chronic pain, anywhere inflammation is present. With the addition of Arnica, Magnesium Chloride, along with CBD oil, this precise blend for pain relief is sure to bring down your pain level, with Lemongrass, Ylang Ylang and Cedarwood. Do you have to get Cortisone shots? You could just use this spray and avoid the needles! Available in three different strengths~50mg, Intense at 75mg or Extreme at 100mg. Choose your potency!
Read this Testimonial~'Michele,I tried some of your CBD Pain Relief Spray and need some really bad trying to avoid Cortisone shot! Call me and I might be able to come get it or meet you somewhere!!'
Melanie W. NEK

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