Under Eye Therapy

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Reduce puffy eyes and diminish the appearance of dark circles by simply rolling on under your eyes, with 50mg CBD. Using only the finest ingredients from Mother Nature’s Pantry.

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“I was blessed enough to meet Michele this week at The Grindstone Cafe & Wellness Center and purchase the first unlabeled bottle of her eye serum. My circles are pretty pronounced as I've got pale skin and dark hair but I've got to tell you, it's simply divine! I've been using the serum for the past several days and what's not to love?! The roller application is genius, the serum glides on smoothly and evenly and pairs beautifully under concealer (hoping to pitch that product in the waste can as time goes by!) and the fragrance is wonderful as well. I've already noticed a slight reduction in swelling and puffiness. I know my circles are the next thing to go! If you're looking for the perfect alternative to messy chemical ridden eye creams, this potion's got you covered.”
Tonya Hutchinson, Enfield, NH October 2018