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herbalism-workshop.jpgWhat are some ways to enjoy the healing benefits of Plant Medicine and Medicinal Mushrooms? Why would you choose water over alcohol for some plants? Do all plants require a double extraction method?
Learn the ancient art of herbal extraction at our Herbalism and Medicinal Mushroom Extraction Workshops on October 2, 2022 at 3:00pm with a plant identification walk after.
The first hour will focus on Plant Medicine, the second hour will focus on Medicinal Mushroom Extraction.
Each class is $25, both are not mandatory. Only attending one is an option. Afterwards, we’ll go for a hike and do some plant identification. Scholarships available…reach out to reserve your space, today!
When’s the last time you gathered the ingredients for your own Elixer?
Mother Nature has so much medicine to offer in so many different species…so many herbs so little time…
Click link to reserve your space today for the Herbalism Workshop or
Click Here to reserve your space for the Medicinal Mushroom Workshop, if you'd like to attend both, purchase each one.