Women's Retreats

Women's Retreats

Welcome to the Women's Empowerment and Spiritual Awakening Retreats page!
Our 2023 Retreat Schedule includes one Mother's Day Weekend May 11-14,
this one includes 3 days of relaxation, you asked and we listened. Some of the attendees from the last 2 retreats expressed a desire for a 3 day long retreat allowing for 2 full days of rest and relaxation.
We’re pretty excited about the Spring Retreat’s line up! As we put together the pieces for a magickal weekend, part of the joy is watching it unfold. ✨ These long awaited Retreats will unite women from all cultures, all walks of life, all ages to share 3 days of healing, empowerment and awakening. We've just added a Mother/Daughter Weekend, too!
Prepare for a personal transformation~ Facilitating unique opportunities to encourage & stimulate spiritual growth within a safe, relaxed space. You can expect to enjoy meditation, sacred circles, optional Tarot reading, optional Reiki Session, wide array of esoteric/metaphysical lending library, fresh organic, vegetarian meals, quiet walks, serene sunsets, lake & mountain views, moonlit water, loon calls, etc. 
Workshops~ Spirituality, Aura Reading, Psychometry, Women's Issues, Cooking/Nutrition, Plant Medicine, Reiki, Chakra Cleansing, Divination, Empowerment, Healing with Crystals. 
Our mission is to facilitate a safe, comfortable, relaxing environment for women from all backgrounds to open up & explore their spirituality. Through spiritual exercises, creating sacred spaces, sharing meals & stories, an awakening is triggered from deep within that can only be provoked by the magick that commences when a group of women are brought together.
The Retreat will be held at quaint cottages in the North East Kingdom of Vermont. The cottages have beach access on Lake Memphramagog, bring your canoe, kayak, any other watercraft, fishing poles, etc.
The price for the Retreat is $555 includes all workshops, lodging for 3 nights and meals. 
Optional Readings and Reiki available at individual prices. 
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The Mother/Daughter Empowerment and Spiritual Awakening Weekend is August 4-6, 2023~
This is the first time we've planned a retreat like this although the first retreat, we hosted a mother and daughter pair which brought in a different dynamic of each seeing one another as a person, in some instances instead of just 'mom' or 'my daughter.'
We are delighted to be co-hosting this retreat with Michele DeRosa from Michele DeRosa Healing and Coaching! Michele offers Sound Baths and Women's Gatherings in the Massachusetts area. At the Continuum Retreat, the Sound Baths she gave us were amazing.
If you and your daughter are looking for a great way to spend one of the last weekends of Summer before school starts to deepen your bond especially if they're going off to college, this is a perfect opportunity for sharing a weekend of empowerment and spiritual awakening before she goes.
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**Covid Protocols**
There are no testing, vaccine, social distancing or masking requirements at this time. Thanks for your cooperation, it’s going to be a memorable weekend with an amazing group of women!
All Workshops at the Retreats are optional and most are included in the price.
More Workshops TBD~

Spirit Guided Portraits~
Do you know your Spirit Guide?
We’re very excited to announce that Terri Bowden from Spirit Guided Portraits will not only be offering Spirit Guided Portraits at the Spring Retreat but will be leading this Workshop on connecting with your Spirit Guide!
Learn how to see and read auras and understand what each color means. This will tell you a great deal about a person and his or her character or your own or indeed an object. Bring a notebook and pen.
Cost: $30.00. Book your space in advance.
Some workshops at the Retreat are free and included in the price, like the Pendulum Dowsing one we’ve added. But some are not included and cost extra. This is one of those.
Are you familiar with Psychometry? To me it's fascinating!
Psychometry is a technique of reading the energy imprint on a physical object left behind by a person’s vibration. It relies on touch and tangible, physical objects.
Bring 3 SMALL objects that belong to you worn or used since they were brought, DO NOT show the items to anyone (can be a piece of jewelry, lipstick, etc..)
Also bring a photo of a deceased person you knew well (only one person in the photo) and keep it hidden in a brown envelope.
Cost: $30.00
Pre-registration required. This is another one that is not included in the price. 

Do you want to learn how to make your own medicine?
Medicine that nourishes your soul, remedies that have been known to relieve as long as they’ve been around…
When’s the last time you gathered the ingredients for your own Elixer?

Crystal Healing Workshop -
Learn how to tell the difference between synthetic or dyed crystals compared to natural ones and how to utilize natural crystals into your daily life attracting health, wealth, prosperity, love, better communication skills, stress relief, and so much more!
Grasp how to make a crystal grid to amplify your intentions.
Understand why crystals have healing properties and how we can use them to affect our well being, whether it’s to take it down a notch and rest our mind or to stimulate our brain enlivening our creativity and imagination.
Delve into the connection between stones and herbs and how to synergistically blend them to manifest your desires.
In the end of this Workshop, your Chakras will be aligned, you’ll know how to incorporate healing crystals into your everyday life and how to utilize them in amplifying your intentions.

Medicinal Mushroom Extraction~
Why is fungi so medicinal? Why do they call them magic mushrooms? Are extraction methods different for each mushroom?