CBD Mind, Body, Spirit Tea Blends

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Herbs have been used by our ancestors for many reasons, healing, toning, maintenance, etc. Excited to introduce our NEW CBD Tea Line for Your Mind, Body, Spirit. Concentration for your Mind, Immunity for your Body and Intuition for your Spirit. Each plant contains it’s own specific properties that it holds. These Tea Blends tap into the unexpected effects that plants are known to deliver.

The ’Immunitea’ Tea Blend is a blend of 8 Herbs that my husband used to rid his body of cancer after only being given a 35% chance of curing it. He took about 20 vitamins, herbs, enzymes, minerals, mushrooms, etc.

Now you can reap the benefits of the Hemp plant while enjoying your morning or evening cup of tea! Consists of a proprietary blend of herbs specifically formulated to rebuild your immune system providing necessary nutrients for overall health. It is specially formulated for people suffering from a compromised immune system or any life threatening disease, such as cancer. The following herbs have all been carefully researched with complete efficacy and include many testimonials from all over the world. Safe to use with chemotherapy and radiation. Tea Blends can help alleviate the side effects, which we all know are numerous and can be unbearable to endure. While chemo & radiation are killing your immune system & breaking down healthy cells, permanent damage can be avoided by introducing certain herbs that assist the body in eliminating toxins, rebuild tissue, stimulate the immune system and induce an overall general feeling of well being.

This blend includes Green Tea Kombucha which contains caffeine. Luckily, Green Tea is also available in Decaf please choose your option, sometimes when suffering from low energy the natural caffeine provided in Green Tea is just the boost needed to restore energy.

None of the information contained within this page is meant to replace your doctors advice, it is merely offered as information helpful to boost your immune system, rebuild cells, support your GI Tract & diminish the side effects associated with chemotherapy.

My husband had a Triple Hit of Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma 5years ago, like I said, with only a 35% chance of curing it & it was gone in 3 months from the time of diagnosis to his doctors dismay! This is the tea blend which includes 7 of the herbs that he takes, that he took everyday in addition to the Protocol, even during the most aggressive chemo treatments consisting of five day long IV in patient every 3 weeks. Definitely helped him! Consult your physician when taking medication~
Available loose or prepackaged in tea bags…