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Unveiling The Divine Feminine Within Course with Spiritual Toolbox

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We are very excited to announce our new school~ Nature's Mysteries School of Metaphysics! The course instructed is: Awakening The Diving Feminine Within ~ 9 Weeks to Mastering Soul Activation.

Opening the door to your spirituality through metaphysical influences... understanding the tools of Divination and how to use them for spiritual transformation.

In this journey of self exploration, a deeper understanding of your self will emerge through the methodologies of personal introspection.

Learning how to harness unseen energies at very specific moments with integral methods that tap into your intuition.

The course book includes places to journal so you can keep track of your readings, it has affirmations, vision boards, tarot spreads, pendulum games, astrological influences, crystal correspondences, meditations, chakra balancing, Spirit Communication, trackers, spiritual goal setters, weekly planners, everything you need to explore your spirituality in one place.

And the toolbox gives you a portable way to activate your spirituality wherever you feel like awakening the Divine Feminine.

Engaging in mediation and gratitude practices that align your soul and your mind complemented with spiritual practices used for spiritual enlightenment all over the world by our ancestors since ancient times.

This program guides you through all of the components in the toolbox over a 9 week period so that you have time to sit with the tools using them as intended for spiritual exploration. 

We’ll start with the Tarot deck for awakening the Divine Feminine within.

The ancient art of divination has highlighted aspects of self that are bruised or buried that need to surface in order to heal.

If you’ve been looking for some deep connection with not only yourself but others, this is in a small, virtual class setting with like minds who are also exploring their toolboxes and the tools in it and discovering parts of their self and uncovering aspects that may have been hidden and through spiritual tools are able make changes with the insight gained.

And when you’re in a group, you gain momentum, you have support and accountability and a sense of community with like minded people. That alone is something to look forward to, right?

Come join us! In our new 9 week program and explore you! Unlock the secrets to your soul. Get in touch with that Divine Feminine, unveil her. Let her out, let your intuition be free, your creativity soar and your compassion nurture.

9 Week Sessions:

April 30

July 2

August 27

October 8

Jan 2

Only through self exploration can true healing happen with a new self ready to emerge into the creation of the reality that you have manifested.

Not until the self becomes important enough to spend time on inspecting will true change ever commence.

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Through the use of thought provoking practices stimulating neural pathways and new ways of learning complemented with ancient occult traditions known to enhance your intuition, increase your clarity, remove the blinders that are holding you back propelling you into receiving mode. 

With dedication and discipline a self emerges with authenticity and insight having done the shadow work, traveling to the other side of the self tuning into the voice within expanding our psychic abilities while opening us up to infinite potential that awaits us. This is a journey that we all must take.

There’s a reason that you’re here...